Develop A Mobile App for SEO Strategy

Having a?mobile app for SEO?is an essential tactic that will boost your websites SEO ranking. Believe it or not, this tactic doesn?t even require any active users or complex functionality. Just the very existence of the mobile app can drive positive SEO results.
When you publish an application, it gets listed in Play Store and the App Store. In the app description, you can provide a backlink to your website. Backlinks are a significant parameter for SEO strategies. Google and Apple are some of the most trusted websites in the world, and there is no better site to receive backlinks. Moreover, Google understands that you have created an application for your website. If your competitors don?t have apps, you will have a powerful advantage over them and will have a better ranking in Google search results, as long as all other SEO best practices are also followed alongside this tip.

Date: 26/12/2019 by Elpidios Christodoulou


Social Media Networks have become huge organisms because of Search Engines like Google & Bing

Date: 02/12/2019 by Elpidios Christodoulou


SEO is everything what is happening on the Internet and not just few parameters of good programming or good content

Date: 28/11/2019 by Elpidios Christodoulou

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