Social Media Cyprus Tip – Facebook is not Youtube

We notice a lot of businesses in Cyprus and around the world are sharing their Youtube content on their Facebook page. On the surface, this might seem like a good practice; you are promoting your content and trying to get more exposure for your business. What’s wrong about that?

Youtube is a competitor of Facebook. It’s against the interests of Facebook to promote links from a competitor. Since Facebook thankfully can’t remove the links from YouTube, their solution is to downgrade the external links and show them to fewer people.

As an example of this principle in action; if you post a YouTube video link on your facebook page and at the same time, upload the same video to your Facebook page, you will notice the differences. Facebook videos start to play automatically in people’s news feed as they scroll. Youtube videos have a play button which you need to click and then get redirected to the youtube website or application. Most of the time, YouTube thumbnails are not compatible with Facebook guidelines.

By design, Facebook wants to keep its users inside their app. Therefore it is less likely to suggest videos from external websites and makes those external videos less compelling.

When you are posting YouTube links on Facebook, the only thing which is happening to your brand is you are getting less interaction and engagement.

In our next article, we will explain why it is essential for users to listen to the sound of your video. This is a crucial guideline which can make your content to become viral.

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