Music for SEOMusic is an aspect which is massively overlooked by other digital agencies, SEO specialists and online marketing gurus. Music is digital media. As a digital media agency, we include every type of media in our service offering.


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How Search Engines Understand Music
There are a number of proven ways to use music as part of an SEO strategy. This is mainly to help famous artists improve their SEO score and get more fans on their official website. We’ve turned this strategy upside down. We create SEO friendly song lyrics to help you get found.

Song Titles

Use specific keywords in your song titles.


Publish your lyrics in the description or on a web page

File Names

Use keywords in the file names you upload.

When people search for any of the keywords used in any of the above formats, they will find your songs and your brand and ultimately your website.

Our Music SEO Services


Our professional songwriters will write the lyrics for your song to include all of the target keywords.


Our composers will collaborate with musicians to create a suitable soundtrack for your lyrics.


Among other artists, we collaborate with Cyprus based X-Factor contender Eirini Perikleous for a professional result.


All recordings will be professionally mixed to give a perfectly finished final version of the song.

Benefits of Music SEO

Incorporating Music into your SEO strategy isn’t just about getting visitors to your website. It involves a number of other benefits which ultimately elevate your online presence.

Go Viral

Your songs can be shared virally across social media and messaging apps.

Be Interesting

Doing something different makes your brand more interesting and exciting.

New Fans

Inherit the fanbase of the music artists used in your songs.

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