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SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This phrase describes the role of enhancing the appearance of a website in a search engine results page. Some amateurs believe SEO is related to Google, Bing or Yahoo. I’m afraid that’s not right. SEO principles extend to websites like Amazon, eBay or YouTube & Vimeo. Other amateurs believe that SEO is only about getting your page ranked higher than your competitors. That’s also not true. SEO has many facets which all contribute to the overall result. 

In this e-book, we will cover many topics. The priority is to explain the fundamental logic to fulfil the objectives of search engines. Next, we will dive into more specific topics, such as SEO for Google, then YouTube SEO, which has a lot in common with Google since the same company owns both platforms. 

Among many other vital SEO subjects, we will examine how important it is to use keywords and how to select them. We will review how to handle advanced SEO concepts such as Schema, Sitemaps, Server IP, Social Media, WordPress and specific plug-ins, Google Business and much more. This e-book intends to highlight that every single person, even without any previous knowledge, can learn and build a website or e-shop. 

In addition to tactics that you can find through Google guidelines, we will cover how necessary it is to incorporate tools to help you to understand your final results and optimize for even better results. Some of those tools are Google Search Console and Google Analytics. They can teach you how to understand every single problem your strategy may have.

To finalize the introduction, we would like to further explain in this book that we will show real-life examples from websites of various categories which are using different SEO strategies.

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