How Mobile Applications Boost SEO
The relationship isn’t immediately clear, but, having a mobile application boosts your SEO performance significantly. First of all, you get backlinks from Google and Apple websites. Second, you tell Google that your digital presence is mature. Third, your app listing on Google Play and App Store will rank very, very well giving your brand more presence in search results.


Forget what you may have heard. Thanks to new tools available on the market, building a mobile app is no longer expensive or time-consuming.


Mobile apps aren?t just for social networks like Facebook. Your app can be used for a customer loyalty scheme, an online store or just for fun.


In order to be featured in the App Store or Google Play, you need a mobile app. This adds another important channel for clients to find you.
Who Should Build an App?
It’s not just banks in Cyprus who should offer mobile applications for their clients. Every company that wants to increase sales should consider developing a mobile app.


Take bookings without having to pick up the phone. Make your menu easily discoverable to help you sell more dishes.

Fast Food

Make it even easier for your clients to order and cheaper for you to take their order. Online ordering is proven to increase sales.


Make it even easier for people to discover your products, make purchases from their mobile device and manage deliveries.


Keep customers engaged by rewarding them for making repeat purchases. Make it fun to purchase from your company.


Make it easier than ever for guests to create and manage their reservations at your hotel. As well as discover additional services offered by your hotel.


Allow clients to book appointments at their convenience, as well as receive reminders about their upcoming bookings.

Advantages of Building a Mobile App
There is no shortage of reasons for why you should build a mobile application for your business.

Engage with your Clients

It’s no secret that people are spending more and more time on their mobile devices. Make sure your presence is in the right place, which is an application saved on their mobile device.

Boost your Credibility

Show your customers that you are committed to your business and to them. Offering your services via a mobile application will surely put you ahead of your competitors.

Boost SEO Score

Having a mobile application is amazing for boosting your SEO score. This reason alone is strong enough to consider building a mobile app for your business.

Reduce the Cost of Service

Train your clients to communicate with you via your mobile application as opposed to over the phone. This allows your employees to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

Previous Projects
Here are some screenshots from a previous mobile application development project for our client Muskita Hotels. The application is a loyalty rewards app for all Muskita Hotels employees at the Four Seasons and Amathus Hotels in Limassol, Cyprus.
Mobile App FAQ

How long does it take to develop a mobile application?

Mobile applications can be as simple or insanely complex. The duration to plan, develop and test a mobile application depends on the complexity of the project. A simple application can be developed in days, whereas more complicated projects can take months. Therefore it’s impossible to say without doing a proper analysis of your expectations. This is why we suggest contacting us to get a free consultation. 

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

Cost of work mostly depends on how many hours are needed to complete the project, how complex it is and what expertise are required to perform the work. Of course, prior to carrying out any work, we will provide a carefully calculated quotation. All proposals are based on thorough research with you, our client, to fully understand your needs and what you expect. A very simple, no-thrills mobile application can cost as little as 1,000 EURO. And there is no ceiling on how much they can cost. Contact us to get a quotation

Once the application is completed, how will it be maintained?

We are able to manage the entire lifecycle of your mobile application. This ensures that the app stays current with changing trends, works on new devices and operating systems and most importantly is secure. 

Can I add new features later?

Once the first version of the application has been shipped, then we can quote for additional features and devise a roadmap for adding them later. We will agree on costs and a timeline for introducing new features. Releasing periodical updates for an existing application is much better than developing all of them for the first release. The first version of the application should be a minimum viable product. Once we start development of the first version of the mobile application we really don’t advise on changing the scope of work. 

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