How to Become a Famous Singer or Musician in 10 Easy Steps

One of the toughest industries to break into is the music business. There are many talented singers, musicians and bands that don’t get the opportunity to be discovered. Having a talent is only part of the requirements of being noticed by a record label or producer. Have you ever noticed that there are hundreds of famous social media influencers who have nothing more than some knowledge and opinions on subjects such as travel, fitness, cosmetics and food? Yet, they have 10’s of thousands of followers. These influencers get vast amounts of traction because they know how to market themselves. We have prepared a ten-step guide on how to become a famous singer or musician. At Digital Agency Idea, we have the marketing know-how to get anyone noticed by the right people. Follow our guide to kickstart your music career.
  •  Create a Website
Creating a website is an essential first step to take when starting on becoming a famous singer or musician. Don’t forget that your brand is yourself. Through your site, you have full control of the content and how it’s displayed. The website enables your fans to engage with you and learn more about you.
  • Prepare your Graphics
A common mistake is that personalities only post selfies or photos taken from your camera-phone. Professional images from a graphic designer can make your fans feel like you are something more than just an amateur artist or influencer.
  • Create Fresh Content
A lot of the mistakes that we discovered are that artists or influencers are trying to re-use popular trends. Following current trends that people are interested in is not wrong. Sometimes when you are just using that technique, it is not enough to get noticed. You need to create fresh content and create your trend. In this area, Digital Agency Idea can help you with creating unique songs or videos.
  • Don’t Rely on Just One Social Network
If you genuinely want to become a famous singer or artist, you should be active on all social networks. The more activity, the better results you can generate. Don’t ignore the power of social networks like Twitter or Soundcloud.
  •  Partner-up with Other Organizations
Build relationships with other people and organizations who can help promote you to their fans and followers. When you offer something for free, like a promotional song or a shout out that benefits them. The other party will appreciate it and most likely reciprocate. This strategy helps you build relationships that could be useful in the future. Benefits include sharing, liking, re-posting, backlinking and many other benefits that can increase your audience. This strategy relies on relationships and individuals; therefore, it’s not a perfect science and outcomes are unique on a case by case basis.
  • Know your Audience
Your strategy should focus on building the right audience. Don’t use ”smart” tricks that may increase numbers but will ultimately result in acquiring the wrong audience. If your following includes people who aren’t interested in your music, your future posts you will have less engagement and fewer people will see them.
  •  Be Engaging
Your strategy needs to be 100% engaging. People need to interact with you and each other. Engagement is what makes your posts go viral and reach even more people.
  • Always have Passion and Don’t Stop
Passion is a fundamental component. You need to understand that it takes time to build a good following of fans to discover and follow your music. You need to try and stay motivated and passionate, even though you will not see immediate results.
  • Don’t Degrade Yourself
Posting half-naked photos may generate a substantial following, but that is not the audience you want. The right audience is people who are interested in your music, not your looks. Your following needs to appreciate your character and should be waiting for your next post, achievement or release. Some singers use this strategy as they don’t think about the bigger picture and how these decisions can be counterproductive. Which is better, one million followers who only buy five songs, or 500 followers who buy 20 records.
  •  Find Trustworthy Advisors
To be a successful singer, you need to find people who can advise you with accurate information. Digital Agency Idea can provide you with a marketing strategy that will get you the exposure you need to start your music career. For us, the key is to make you feel like an old friend who is trying to help you to achieve your goals. After all, your success is our success.
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