e-Shop Development for Video Game Store

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e-Shop Development for a Video Game Store in Cyprus

Building an e-shop and implementing an effective SEO strategy for gaming products.

About the Client

The client was looking to create an e-shop for an existing business. The client already had a physical store in Limassol selling video game consoles, games and peripherals. The objective was to build the e-shop website, list all of the products and implement an effective SEO strategy.  All of these tasks fall within our scope of services 

The Scope of Work for e-Shop Development

After agreeing on the strategy with the client, we decided to register a new domain (website address) and build the website from scratch. The client acquisition strategy was to focus purely on SEO. The gaming industry is a very competitive one and required a lot of time, effort and know-how. Our target keywords were very competitive ones such as “PS4”, “Xbox” and “Nintendo Switch”

The Results of the e-Shop Development

We were able to rank for a lot of keywords in the Cyprus market. On the first page of Google search results were keywords like “PS4”, “PS4 Store”, “Game Store”, Used Games PS4”, “Music Store” and “Video Games”. This lead to some great results. In August 2019, 1,100 people visiting the client’s website. Review the images below to see how having developed and e-Store has benefited the client in more ways than just online sales. 
Google Analytics Statistics
e-Shop User Statistics from Google Analytics
We also made sure the client’s shop could be found in Google Maps searches as well. This lead to 3,700 people discovering the clients business through both search results and on Google Maps. 
e-Shop Development Analytics
A Summary of How People Interacted with the e-Store
By discovering the client’s shop online, this leads to 49 people interacting with the client offline, for example by checking for directions to visit the physical store or making a telephone call. This highlights that by having an online store, the client was also able to increase the business in their physical store as well. 
e-Shop Customer Actions
Actions Taken by Users who Discovered the e-Shop in Google Maps
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