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The more active your website and social media profiles are, the more they are considered to be up to date and current. Hosting or taking part in events is a great way to have new and relevant content to post on a regular basis. This keeps your online presence active.
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Offline Events

You might be wondering how offline events can help your online digital presence. In the 21st century almost everything you do offline can be put online. You can blog, record or photograph your experience of the event. You can also promote the event before the event happens.

Live Music Events

Tavernas, restaurants and bars can all benefit from hosting live events. Don?t just use the event to get customers in the door, but use it to maximize your online presence and make sure everyone in Cyprus knows about your awesome venue.

Sports Events

Is your pub or bar showing a local Cyprus football match, the 6 nations rugby or the Olympics? You can easily leverage these regularly occurring events to promote your venue all year round, high or low season.

Networking Events

If your company is hosting or attending a seminar or exhibition, this is a great opportunity to promote your participation ahead of the event and discuss the results, ideas or information you received from the event itself.

Online Events

Some offline events can be expensive to host or participate in. In many cases, online events can be much more affordable and easier to manage. Most importantly, they are easier for people to participate from anywhere in the world.


Webinars are a great way to regularly create and share content as well as engage with your audience. You are in full control of the schedule and content. This allows you to keep posting relevant content at all times.

Live Streams

Do you want to review a new product in your shop or play your bands latest song before it?s been recorded, live streaming is a great option for that. Using Facebook your YouTube means almost anyone can attend.


Give your clients the chance to participate in an online Ask me Anything event. It can be done on a forum or on a live streaming service. An interesting and unique event that can be promoted to your community.

How Events Help SEO

In order to appeal to search engines, your website needs to be fresh and up to date with new, high quality and relevant content. Whether that?s new product listings, company news or blog posts. The same applies to each of your social media profiles too.

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