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We offer training and testing for the European Computer Driving License in Cyprus.
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15 Million Candidates
24,000 Test Centres
100 Countries
20 years
Why ECDL is Important
This course is your first step to becoming familiar with a digital era where everything is online, found through search engines and shared on social media.
What ECDL Can Teach You
The ECDL will provide you with all the essentials you need to know in order to run a modern business in Cyprus in the 21st Century.

Computer Essentials

An introduction about computers and devices, licensing, installing and running software, modifying settings and managing, opening and using files.


Learn the basics of using spreadsheets. Input information, use formulas to make calculations, use charts to represent your data.

Data Protection

Learn the key principles of the GDPR, how to lawfully control and process personal data and how to introduce a data protection policy.

Digital Marketing

An important topic for modern businesses. Understand digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, lead generation and more.

Online Essentials

Learn how to browse the web, conduct effective information search, communicate online and send e-mail and use online calendars.


Learn to use word processing software to perform everyday tasks, learn how to use formatting tools, save and share your finished documents.

How to Collaborate Online

Find out what online collaboration means, how it benefits you and increases overall productivity. Everything from file share to online meetings.

IT Security

Learn how to incorporate IT and computers into your everyday life while protecting yourself and your devices from online attackers.

Why We Offer this Service
If you can feel good about the way you make your money, that makes you a much happier person. We want to be happy. Our mission is to get Cyprus businesses online. In order to achieve that mission is to educate business owners on computers and the internet. This knowledge enables business owners to make educated decisions that impact the future of their business and livelihood. If business owners possessing these skills become a norm, it will drastically improve the Cyprus economy and standard of living.
What is ECDL
The European Computer Driving License is a course and qualification that teaches important computer skills that everyone needs. It’s not about developing applications or engineering software. It’s about the basic day-to-day skills everyone needs. ECDL has taught millions of people across the world irrespective of age or nationality. The qualification allows you to be competent and confident using computers.
What you Can Get From This Course
What is the risk of putting your business online? Who knows, your company may start as a small business in Limassol and grow into an international franchise.

Communicate Online

Interact with potential clients all around the world.


Advertise your business online to reach more people.

Find Employees

Post jobs online or use freelances for short term work.

Share Information

Let the world know what you are doing and why you are

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