Digital Agency Services for a Locksmith Business

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Google Business Site Case Study

We provided digital agency consulting services for Aggelos Locksmith, a local business based in Limassol, Cyprus. With our guidance, the client created their own Google Busines Site

About The Client

The client owns a local DIY shop in Limassol. The company also provides locksmith service. The client wanted to make sure that people who needed a callout locksmith service we’re able to find him at their moment of need. The client was looking to keep the project on a budget since they are a small local business. We believe that in the 21st century, every company no matter how small they are should have access to digital agency services. 

The Project Scope 

The client was looking for a cost-effective way to advertise a locksmith business, this is where our digital agency services became relevant. We offered to create a simple website that will get ranked for relevant keywords. The budget for this project was small. As always we were able to accommodate what the client needed.  After discussing options, we proposed the following solution to the client. We used the Google business services to list his business on Google Maps. The client became the highest-ranking locksmith in Limassol. Regarding the website, as the client was looking for a solution with minimal startup and maintenance costs we avised to create a simple website using a tool provided by Google businesses. The advantages of this are that there are no costs involved for hosting and the client doesn’t need to pay for developers to make adjustments. 

What We Did

We created the website together with the customer and directed him on how to maintain it by himself. Thanks to our guidance the client found the experience quite straightforward. Now he has a website which provides all the necessary information about the services offered. Check out the website here:
Website Preview
A Preview of the Website Created by the Client
The main keywords we targeted and ranked for were “Locksmith Limassol” in both English and Greek.
Google Maps Listing
Google Maps Listing

The Result of our Services

The performance of the below image is showing that in the first month he was called 57 times. Moreover, 27 people requested directions to visit the store. This was an important boost in new clients and revenue.
Analytics from Case Stude
Google Analytics
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