What is SEO
Some digital agencies in Cyprus might tell you that “SEO is complicated”, or “we know all the tricks”, and “will get you more visitors than you ever thought possible”. If they think this, then they don’t know the first thing about SEO. Optimizing your website for search engines is not about tricks or shortcuts. It’s about following a recipe, going step-by-step and making sure the end result is a great website that will give a great experience to visitors who are interested in the topic.
What We Do Differently


Every piece of media on your website needs to follow a common strategy. We ensure that happens.


We create unique designs and images that tell the same story as your content.


You can?t lead by following. We constantly test new theories and ideas in SEO to get you ahead.

Hard Work

SEO requires as much hard work as it requires skills. We work harder than anyone else in Cyprus.

Who Can We Help?
Frankly, there isn’t a business on this planet that can’t benefit from having an online presence which helps customers find them. Luckily we’re not trying to help the whole, just Cyprus.
SEO for Bars, Restaurants and Takeaways in Cyprus
Residents, tourists and business visitors all need to find places to eat, drink and have fun. But how exactly do they find their venue of choice? Drive around until they find a place which looks just like the place next door? Nope. They search on Google or Trip Advisor. Make sure their next visit is at your taverna!
SEO for Hotels and Holiday Vilas in Cyprus
Tired of paying a huge portion of your revenue to booking websites? What if you could get your future guests to find you through organic searches and book directly from your website. We can make sure that is a reality through a carefully planned and executed digital strategy.
SEO for Tours and Excursions in Cyprus
There is no shortage of activities for holidaymakers in Cyprus. How can you be sure that visitors will find your watersports centre on the beach or boat tour at the marina? Don’t just rely on passing business. Bring customers to you, don’t tout on the street.
SEO for Employers and Businesses
Do you operate an international business from Cyprus, but few people on the island know about you? Does this make finding new employees hard? Do you rely on expensive recruitment agencies? We could offer you an SEO strategy to promote the company to the local Cyprus community in an effort to onboard local talent inexpensively.
SEO for Local Companies
Are you a caterer, a wedding planner, taxi driver, florist, and the list goes on. In this case, you need a professional online presence to find new clients. Not only that, you need to make a good impression on them by showing what you do and how well you do it. Let us build the perfect website for your Cyprus business.
Our SEO Recipe
Like anything in life, whether you are building a house, baking cake or developing a website if you use good quality materials or ingredients, providing you are a builder or a chef, the end result is going to be quality. Our recipe for SEO is much the same. We focus on quality, not short cuts.

Good Content

Grammatically correct, coherent, well structured and easy to read information. The same applies to translations.

Social Media

Social Media isn’t just for communicating. A well-managed profile works wonders for SEO. We can consult you or manage it.


Building backlinks from other trusted and relevant websites shows search engines that other sites trust yours.

Learn your Business

Without knowing your business, what you do and who your competitors are how can we outrank them?


We look back at what worked well and what didn’t. This allows us to base all decisions on the information.

Good Structure

Clean code and all the right information search engines need to understand what your website is about.

New Content

New products, posts or updated information show’s search engines that your website is active and kept up to date.

Mobile Optimization

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices then search engines have no reason to show it to people on mobile devices

Know Cyprus

By understanding the business culture and lifestyle in Cyprus we know how to make information relevant to your audience.


Pictures, images and graphics play an important role in SEO as well. After all, a picture says a thousand words.

Work With Us
Other digital agencies might want to lock you in with monthly retainers that cost you thousands of Euros each month. That’s not our goal. We understand your budget isn’t going to be anywhere close to that of Hellenic Bank or PrimeTel. Our mission is to help local business in Cyprus get online. There is a package for everyone. We are ready to teach you and help you to become a self-sufficient entrepreneur with an online presence.

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