Creating an Online Clothing Store in Cyprus

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Online Store Development for Case Study

We developed a successful e-shop and ran an advertising campaign for products in Cyprus via Facebook.

About The Client is an e-shop which sells affordable, but luxurious accessories such as handbags, purses, wallets and watches. The company started with an entrepreneur from Cyprus who had the opportunity to source good quality and affordable products from manufacturers. The problem is, he had no channel to sell them. The business owner contacted us mainly for our experience with online store development and SEO. When we started discussing with the client, they wanted to invest in organic SEO. Unfortunately, this takes time and can require months or even years to see results in a highly competitive sector, such as retail fashion. SEO is not always the best approach for e-shops to rely on for their client acquisition. After the initial consultation and research, we agreed with BuyOnTime that the best method was investing in advertising on the Facebook social media platform. BuyOnTime hand inventory to sell and was ready to invest. After one month, starting completely from scratch, BuyOnTime was getting 80 to 100 orders per month. 

What We Did

Facebook was the main acquisition tool. We started the scratch. Today, there are over 2,500 likes and follers of the page. These are all real users. No personal connections were invited.
Statistics from Facebook
Statistics from Facebook
We built the sense of a unique brand which respects the client with high-quality products and service. BuyOnTime made sure to be as approachable and responsive as possible through Facebook Messanger. This made the customer feel attended to, just as they would in a real store. 
Facebook Messenger Example
How the online store interacted with clients
Our focus wasn’t only in digital advertising but also to make the customer who bought the product felt like they purchased something from a physical shop when they open the package. By giving a unique experience you build a relationship with the buyer and they will ultimately consider making repeat purchases in the future. 
Online Store Delivery
Delivering a unique experience to the buyer.
We built a website which at this moment is just to showcase the products and show more alternatives than what is promoted through Facebook. This also helps to create trust with the client and the brand.
Online Store
Products listed on the online store

Next Steps

The client is extremely satisfied with the performance in terms of online store development and marketing the e-Shop. Now, the next step is to invest more time and resources into the second phase which will ultimately help the company to scale internationally. 
  • We are redesigning the website and focussing our efforts on the SEO strategy. The objective is to enable the website to become a self-sufficient source of clients. 
  • Now that some reputation and foundations of legitimacy been built in the local Cypriot market, the next step is to integrate online payments. Currently, goods are paid for when they are collected from the local courier depot or cash-on-delivery. 

Create your Own e-Shop

You could be reaching more customers than ever by launching your own e-Shop, just like in this case study. By accepting orders online and shipping them locally or internationally you are able to sell your goods 24/7 without having to work 24/7. Not everything is too good to be true. This is something companies have already been doing for years. It’s not too late for you to start. We can help to get your products online and found through social media networks, SEO and other advertising channels. The below images with statistics show the latest updates of that project. Contact us to learn more about our online store developments services for companies in Cyprus and around the world.
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