Benefits and Drawbacks of a Dedicated Server
Should you buy or build a desktop server for your website, business or office?



No one else has access to the information stored on your servers.


Customize the hardware and software which runs on your server.


All resources are dedicated to you and managed by you.


If higher standards are required, in-house management is the best.



Equipment must be purchased and installed correctly


More things to manage, maintain, update and improve.

Harder to Scale

You need to buy and install new hardware to scale the server.

Expertise Required

You need an in house expert or an outsourced consultant.

Overview of Dedicated Servers

Buying a dedicated server for your business is much more expensive than shared hosting, but it has a number of advantages that might be worth the cost. The main advantage we want to stress is the overall improvement it can offer to your SEO efforts for the Cyprus market. With a dedicated server, you won’t need to worry about other server users impacting the performance of your website or other business applications. A dedicated server also provides more flexibility. This is because you can customise the software configuration of the server much more than on a shared server. In most cases, this also means you need more technical knowledge to set up your own dedicated server. Like many things in this day and age, you can outsource help from experienced digital agencies to ensure your website works and performs as it should.

Full control of your server

When running your own server, the main benefit is that you possess absolute control over your own infrastructure. You are able to decide exactly what you want. This means you design the specification, such as the CPU, memory and storage. As the owner and not a tenant, you can set the backup and maintenance schedules, security settings, internet service provider and bandwidth and pretty much everything else.

Easier access to your server

When you rent a server from a hosting company, you certainly do not have any access to it. If you have your own in-house server, you might keep it at your office. Or you might not for security reasons, but for sure, you will know where it is and have access to it when you need. The server is quite literally at your fingertips and is fully dedicated to you.

Modify and scale infrastructure on demand

The IT infrastructure your business needs can grow at the same pace as your growth in clients and revenues. It’s easy to buy any components you need and get it shipped with next day delivery in pretty much anywhere in the world. If you need to scale up, you can purchase additional resources or install extra RAM or disks if you keep them in inventory.

Choose your own software

Hosting companies cram their servers with tons of software in order to cater to as many different client needs without having to create any bespoke solutions. If you don’t plan on using Python or Node.js or Ruby on Rails apps, why should you have them installed on your server? By having your own server you can keep unnecessary software away from your server environment.

Better security for your website

Similar to the previous point. If you’re planning on just using a platform like WordPress on your server, then why should you improve security for other applications like Drupal or Joomla? A web host will need to focus security around several platforms because of their one size fits all approach. Whereas you only need to focus on what you are going to use on your server.

The server is just for you

It’s been echoed many times in this page, but here it is one last time. The fact that the server is only accessible to you and your employees makes your data much more secure. It’s not only more secure, but the full capacity of the server is available for your needs. You are no longer affected by delays caused by peak traffic or other users of the server consuming too many resources.

What We Offer

In collaboration with one of the leading computer assembly companies in Cyprus, we are able to configure premium hardware, configured specifically for meeting the needs of your Cyprus company.


Our company uses machinery of only the highest standard, with either Xeon or EPYC chips that aims to facilitate every client according to his business needs. For further information and a business quote you can contact us by clicking below

Cyprus IP Address

Your business IP depends on the internet provider you choose for your business. We work with all the major internet providers in Cyprus to ensure high-quality connectivity and a Cyprus IP address.

Customer Support

Our computer engineers are highly trained and qualified to provide the best workstation-server solution to keep up with your business challenges and projects. In partnership with AEIBEN, we offer 24/7 global support to all clients.

Available Products
Below are some of the dedicated server setups built for our most demanding clients In partnership with AEIBEN.
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